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What are Hashtags?

They are used on social media where a user adds a hash / pound sign (#) before a word or phrase to identify the content to a specific topic and make it easier to find.

Instagram allows you to use post upto 30 hashtags which gives you a lot of opportunity. Even though you have the ability to add 30 hashtags don't spam your post with hashtags. Make sure to only use relevant hashtags to your post. For your hashtags to be visible you must have a public instagram account.

Hashtags on youtube help improve searchability for your videos. Optimized hashtags will also give you more visibility on Youtube for all your related video posts. You can add hashtags within description and titles of Youtube videos which will make it easier to find your video when someone is searching videos related to that hashtag.

Hashtags should not be long within Twitter. Using capital letter for each word in hashtags provides better readability for the reader. Use relevant hashtags related to your tweets. We suggest using no more than 3 hashtags per tweet.

Pinterest Hashtags are extremely effective if used right. You can use popular hashtags related to your post to highlight keywords in the description of the pins which will help finding your content and increase your followers. Always make sure you use related hashtags to your pin.

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